Moria Grace Katutura e.V.

Fred Donaldson visited Moria Grace

Fred Donaldson, an international expert for ‘natural play’, gave his first workshop in Namibia. During his stay, he spent an intensive hour on his floor mats with kids from the Moria Grace Shelter in Katatura, Windhoek. Mama Wilhelmina – the ‘mother’ of all kids was just as excited as the little ones who were all over Fred, riding, rolling and pulling his beard. Natural play is all about individual and flowing instinct to play, which has nothing to do with values, never damages and is without competition or fight. The movement of play and gentle touch are healing for the soul and creates a strong connection between all players. Around 40 teachers, therapists and parents joined the workshop on the 4/5th of September in the ‘House of Science’ and experienced how conflicts can be managed in a very simple, nonverbal and effective way. Foto: Katharina Wyss


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