Moria Grace Katutura e.V.

Share your food – share your talents


There are 56 children who need a mentor so that school bread and breakfast can be assured. With a donation of 2000 NAD (200 EUR) a year, this can be guaranteed. People who can donate more or less are also welcome.

To have a sustainable development, it is important for us to have a long-lasting accompaniment. Each mentor receives the name and a photo of the child together with a certificate of sponsorship for one or more children, depending on the amount of the annual fee.

A donation receipt can be obtained by our German or Namibian association.



Locally, I put the hostel with people who share their talents with the children into a network. With a positive impulse, we actively act against social discrimination that exists in many areas and is an everyday life to street kids and orphans.

The bottom line is that we are strengthening their personality development and provide professional internships for adolescence and therefore link them with the world of profession. This is the main goal of the talents sponsorship, since the children are living in a country with a high unemployment (50 percent, estate: 2011) and other social challenges.

Contact: Katharina Wyss,

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