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Newsletter August 2013 – Mother Wilhelmina Private Hostel in Namibia


Dear Sponsors, Friends and Supporters, It‘s time for me to give you another update. In the last few months, we have organized various activities and events for the children’s shelter. As it has been a while since my last mail, this newsletter may be a bit longer.
First, a warm thanks to our intern Christine Vaupel, who recently returned to Germany after having spent three intense months with the children.

Friends, sponsors and my father came all the way from Germany to offer their time to the children – this was surely the greatest aid possible, in addition to the food care donations.

Amelie Schneider, our first intern, wrote a report that we have now uploaded to our website, which we highly recommend: https://moriagracegerman.wordpress.com2013/07/30/611/

This is what we were able to give the children between March and July 2013:

  • A movie night showing   ‘‘Chicken Run’’, thanks to Sigrid Heintorf and Harald Resesky
  • An afternoon workshop on dental hygene, thanks to Claudia Engling and support from Colgate
  • An arts and crafts day filled with creativity and a chocolaty easter egg hunt with Petra Larass and the support of her whole family
  • Regular visits from students of the DHPS (Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek) as well as the invitation to visit their annual school festival (see report:
  • Murals with landscapes and animals painted on to the walls of the shelter, an initiative which my father carried out with Edgar and the children, especially Otto, Lee Ann and Simone
  • This is what we are able to give the children on an ongoing basis:
    Basic nourishment covered with 2500 NAD a week (220 EUR)
  • The individual talents of Lee-Ann, Simone and Clemens are fostered by their weekly private lessons with Peter Kewowo at the State Art Academy


We are especially thankful to UNAM student Sheroline Heitha from Windhoek. Her unfaltering commitment to the project has ensured the close and friendly exchange with Mother Wilhelmina.

We must also mention Inge Glaue, the longest supporter of the project in Namibia. Many thanks to her and her family for their commitment to the school throughout the years.

On a private note, I have moved back to Germany in June after having spent 3,5 years in Namibia. My commitment to the shelter persists in equal measure from abroad. I will continue organizing and monitoring the food- donations, organizing new sponsorships and attending to the existing ones, and networking whenever I can.

Last week, I was able to send our older children to the Warehouse Theater for the HIT THE BEAT concert and a diversified educational project with the students of the Waldorf School Windhoek. In September I will return to Namibia for a short visit.

In the name of Wilhelmina and all the children I would like to send you the warmest greetings, and thank each and every one of you for your ideas and your dedication.

Katharina Wyss


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