Moria Grace Katutura e.V.

Thanks to all sponsors from Braunschweig

Its always nice to have visitors from Europe! It was one day in june 2011, when all moria grace children spend time in there old building – the old, small and first Moria Grace place. Its not far away from the new and spacious building. Sigrid Heintorf and her partner Harald Resesky came to visited all Moria Grace children. Sigrid collected clothes, toys, crayons, books and many things more in Braunschweig, Germany, over months. Once a year she is organizing the shipping transport to Walvisbay Port. The second transport (container) this year is leaving Hamburg in the next days. Thanks a lot for your great support! Sigrid Heintorf is Member of Moria Grace Katatura e.V. in Germany.

Sigrid and Harald bought with Katharina Wyss together fruits and vegetables for there short visit. To have enough food every day for all children at Moria Grace Shelter is still a challange. Katharina Wyss guided them to the Moria Grace Shelter in Katutura and gave both a an overview and project update.

Photos: Katharina Wyss

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